Shipping Policy

To simplify our procedures, minimize the risk of errors and your shipping fees, we only offer the basic non express delivery overland. If you want to use another means of transportation or if you would like delivery costs for other means of transport to ensure contact our customer service. Packages are shipped via FEDEX Canada and the following terms apply across Canada *.

* Some delays may occur during delivery to remote rural areas and urban centers in some provinces outside Quebec.

** For delivery, it is required to create an account. Or if your account has already been created, it is necessary to connect. You will find "Create Account" or "Login" at the top right of the home page

*** Spacer Storage reserves the right to change carriers at any time if it would reduce significantly the cost of delivery or if the chosen carrier could not ship in your area or within a reasonable time international Shipping

Currently , we are unable to accept international shipments or make them.

The speed that you get your equipment depends on the availability at retail in some cases within 4 to 6 weeks may be necessary to proceed with the shipment.